Germanys most exclusive calander!

Germanys most exclusive calander!
Have had the great honor to be one of 12 photographers that have been picked out to have a photo in this super exlcusive calander! So proud that..

Great being back in TV4

Had the great honor to be back on TV4 and Nyhetsmrogon (newsmorning) talking about positive things that happends with some species You can see it..

Visit to Manfrottos HQ

Visit to Manfrottos HQ
Have hade the very great honor to visit and sitt down with wonderful people from Manfrotto and Gitzo So very proud to be a Global Manfrotto..

Still in Canons program

Still in Canons program
There have been roumors that I am not with in Canons photographers program but I am very happy to still be in it for more information just click her

Global Manfrotto Ambassador!

Global Manfrotto Ambassador!
Today it is offical I will be in the Global Manfrotto Ambassadors program So happy they think my conseravtion work is so good and they want to be..

Swedens most read article

The article I and World Animals Protection made about stopping selfies with wild animals did become Swedens most read during this period. So maybe..

Lecturing for the goverment

Lecturing for the goverment
I had the very big honor to be invited by the government to lecture for them about what is going on with animals. At the same event World Animal..

Back in TV

Had the honor to be back in TV4 morningshow They are really great and so interested in conservation – Thank you TV4 Do you want to see the..

Article about a new step in life!

Here you can read about my step in to something new in Life!  

The talk on Swedish TV

I have been invitet to TV4 Nyhetsmorgon to talk about my photography but mainly about the things turist do wrong when traveling. Click here

My exhibition in Stockholm

From the 24e Nov I will have a exhibition in Hotell Diplomat, Stockhol It will be in a different way read more here!  

WWFs book of the year 2017

I hade the great honor to win WWFs prize Book of the year 2017 This book have been under way for 5 years. I wanted Ola Jennersten to write the..


At the moment Iam in China looking for Panda, Takin, and all other wonderful animals central China have to offer. First I went to breeding center..

1DX Mark II

I had the great honor to try out the new 1DX Mark II on a trip to India. I lent a sample ex from Canon Sweden. I also got very good information..

Tim Flach!

Tim Flach!
One of the best talks I ever had on composition I had with Tim Flach. Amazing to talk to someone that have that feeling and really see how a photos..

Orangutans used in prostitution!

Did you know that among other things not only used in tourist industry but also used in prostitution? I have heard this in many years but was hard..

Sweden’s most read news-today!

This article where I had the great honor to have photos and comments in was Sweden’s most read and shared news today! Read more here: