1DX Mark II

I had the great honor to try out the new 1DX Mark II on a trip to India.
I lent a sample ex from Canon Sweden. I also got very good information about it and it new feathers.
Must admit I was very exited to test it .
Canon have develop the autofocus even more ( was really super on the older models as well)
It goes now Up to 14 fps also in RAW (up to 16 fps* in Live View mode). And with new CFast card it is almost impossible to get it to buffer (170 frames in RAW) I love the GPS so you can see where you got the photos for say next time you go there. They have also made the dynamic range better, is a brand new sensor.
I also love the possibility that you can rate you photos if it felt well when you took the photo and you can them rate it and makes it so much easier to find it again.
When taking photos I did feel a difference in how it performed in low light or low contrast (like on a sloth bear) but it just got the photo and in focus. I was so impressed on that an also how the photos looked better especially in the dark areas.

I could go on for ever but one more thing you will noticed first time you use it is that is much more silent then old 1DX, Also very important for nature photography.

Here are some photos from my latest trip to India.
Think this ine will be a must for say naturephotographers
Would you also like to join me to Indiea next year?
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