Being in a tropical storm !

Iam in Thailand to work with the pink dolphins, or try to !
We have had rain and windy every day but the last two days
it turned in to a tropical storm. We didnt think it was to bad
until we came down to the beach the folling morning.

The beach which started with wonderful white sand where my
son sits is now gone !

Everything was destruction !



We also found out the there had been a large land slide
during the night and that it had killed 2 monks, really sad.
And all these trees was now on the beach.
If you look on the photo you will see my wife walking along what was yesterday
the beach and the way out on the beach, Now ……

I did later go to the place where the land slide had been and the destruction
was enormous and I didnt want to take photos there knowing that
two people died there.

All we can do is hope the weather will change

The power of the weather is big

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  1. Kristian Olsen says:

    May the two Thai monks RIP!

    Wonder what is going on with Nature these past weeks!???
    Earth quakes in both Japan and Thailand/Myanmar/Laos, tsunami in Japan an dnow tropical storm in South Thaialnd!

    Maybe it has something to do with Global Warming??

    But well…I lived and survived 14 years in Thailand so far and have seen everything, so nothing can surprise me 🙂 Life goes on! 🙂

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